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Welcome to Crafting a Calmer Self (

  • Crafting a fuller and calmer life together. . . 
  • Meditative and Therapeutic Art Life Coaching.
  • Dedicated instruction in arts and crafts for people of all ages and abilities to create an exploratory sensory creative experience.
  • HOLISTIC RECREATION is our mission. 

Happenings for 2022!

Keeping It Together Initiative: We will be offering a variety of remote and in-person sessions to help us stay connected through creativity to help maintain a sense of calm in these challenging times.  Sessions to include knitting/crochet classes, art classes, meditation workshops, and aromatherapy workshops.   If you are interested in getting more information about these opportunities, email Debra at Currenlty on-going. 

Therapeutic Art Life Coaching: Work with a certified therapeutic art life coach to explore and development goals, dreams and strategies through the use of art and creative media. Currenlty on-going. 

Meditation Training & Groups: Participate in meditation sessions to develop your own meditation practice (i.e., mindfulness, visualization, affirmation, movement and art).  Currently on-going. 

Aromatherapy Wellness Consultations: Work with a certified clinical aromatherapist to map out your aromatherapy wellness map.   We are not sellers of MLM products.  Sessions are aimed at teaching the client about ways aromatherapy can be used to compliment one's wellness journey.  Individual recommendations are made for each client.  If the client is interested, individualized blends can be made for the client.  Currently on-going.  


Some past classes and workshops.....

Aroma-meditation Workshop: A special meditation class enhanced with aromatherapy.  Includes an aromatherapy project.  Uplifting themes and scents to let your spirt soar.  

Art & Meditation for Indigo & Crystal Children  A Family Meditation for parents & children who are sensitive, learn differently, & heightened awareness to outside stimuli are welcome for a special meditation class, craft & story.  Our goal: to nurture children who may have issues with self-confidence, self-expression, impulsivity, or anxiousness.   Special needs are welcome.

One Skein Projects! Class  Each month we make a simple item via crochet or knitting.  Pattern and supplies are provided.  

Art & Meditation for Adults  Special class incorporating different methods of meditation and a featured art project. Spring classes to commence in April at our studio.  

Meditation Intensive Class  An intensive group class that focused on Transformation Meditation and breathing techniques.  To sign up for a class or schedule a private class, contact the center. 

Knitting & Crochet Classes ~ Ongoing  Private or group sessions for adults and children are always being scheduled. For more information, contact Debra at (201) 281-7145.   

Quiet Mornings Meditation Group  Self-guided meditation group open to all who seek time for quiet contemplation. Our sessions in our outdoor studio resume this spring on Sundays.   Free

 Magick Meditation   A special “intention-focused” meditation group exploring topics of earth based spirituality. Free.  Handcrafted items will be available for purchase to support our free meditation sessions. 

If your school, organization, or event is interested in offering our classes in any of the therapeutic arts and crafts or relaxation activities offered at Crafting a Calmer Self, LLC, contact Debra at (201) 281-7145 or  We provide for instructional classes, party events, or brainstorming sessions to explore what you can do with your group.  Also, we can prepare projects materials, teaching aides, and sensory activities for those who wish to hold their own class or event.


All meditation classes are led by a certified meditation instructor and clinical aromatherapist. 



Debra McGauley-Eichhorn, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Certified Meditation Instructor

More about me . . .  I am a firm believer in the wellness benefits of meditative practices, such as meditation, knitting, crochet and other arts.  I have been instructing people of all ages about the wonderful world of fiber and fine arts for over a decade. I am committed to a holistic approach to art, life and health.  I am a certified therapeutic art life coach, certfied meditation teacher (Transformation Meditation), certified clinical aromatherapist, and herbalist.

I'm also passionate about inspiring children and adults with special needs.  I'm certified as a Paraprofessional/Special Education/Autism.  I am an experienced instructor in art, crafts, meditation, and social skills with adults and children with autism, developmental disabilities, and special needs.  I am also experienced in teaching art enrichment and social skills.  I am a director of a day-program for adults with special needs in northern New Jersey and pursuing a MSW in social work.  Graduate of Pace University School of Law.  


When a sleeping woman wakes,

mountains move.

~ Chinese proverb


Other instruction locations and program . . .

In addition to Crafting a Calmer Self, LLC classes, I teach classes for children (pre-school and up) and adults with Autism and other special needs at various programs and therapy places.   My classes include those offered at ABA programs, social skills programs and recreational day programs.  I specialize in arts, crafts and sensory-based fun projects.   I am also proud to be invited regularly to local libraries, private organizations, and club organizations (such as girl scouts) to teach great crafting projects.  For more information, please contact me at 

Planning a birthday party?  A group activity? A charity event?  Make it "crafty" and have a Craft Happens event.